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Your nursery carries a wide variety of products for sale — from live trees and shrubs, to annuals and perennials, bagged products, bulk materials, tools, chemicals, fertilizers, feed, seeds, live animals and fish . . . . Rapid Garden POS includes inventory control features capable of managing such a diverse inventory. You can see more about categories related posts here… Rapid Garden POS Green Inventory Management Features: Lot management handles…

Waterproof and Fade resistant labels for garden centers and plants.

Rapid Garden POS supports specialized thermal transfer printers that print directly on plastic bar code labels, tree tags, pot stakes and plant stakes. These labels are commonly used by garden centers and nurseries to tag or wrap around the trunks, and identify trees, shrubs and other specialty products. The durable plastic labels are often used garden retailers to help withstand the weathering effects that your inventory is exposed to. Create…

hanging basket custom planter

Rapid Garden POS allows a nursery or garden center to easily do inventory kitting of planters, hanging baskets, gift baskets and other bundled items.  Garden centers and nurseries need a POS system with inventory management tools to simplify the creation of combination items. After kitting your items, they are easy to manage through Rapid Garden POS. Inventory Kitting Features of Rapid Garden POS Use the POS System to quickly create…

Landscape Management Software within the POS Independent garden centers come in all shapes and sizes, and many IGCs are expanding into a broad array of products and services to meet their customers’ demands. For many IGCs, design, installation and maintenance are natural areas of expansion. However, most retail point-of-sale systems fall short when it comes to supporting landscaping services. Your landscaping business needs robust point-of-sale features like estimates, job costing,…

Plant care instructions

Rapid Garden POS allows you to store and provide to your garden customer growing and plant care instructions for your green stock. Instructions can be delivered by email or printed. Rapid can also create custom signage to put around your nursery. This feature saves time, improves customer satisfaction and ensures that your nursery customers receive consistent accurate advice from your team. It also reduces customer returns/exchanges of plants that “unknowingly”…

Woman walking through garden center

Rapid Garden POS system brings you the ultimate solution for your Garden Center CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Email Marketing needs. With our integrated system, managing customer relationships and executing marketing strategies has never been easier. Designed specifically for garden centers, our POS system offers a range of key features that will revolutionize your business: Keep track of nursery customer sales, customer contact info, etc., directly from the POS system;…

garden center pricing & promotion marketing sheet

Garden Center Pricing & Promotions are necessary to attract customers, increase sales, and remain competitive in the market. As garden retailers, you recognize the need for nimble and often complex pricing to ensure profitable sell-through, or to meet the needs of your garden customers.  Rapid Garden POS provides your garden center or nursery with the ability to set different pricing levels addressed to your various customer classifications (e.g., wholesale, landscape,…

Accounting management by florist owner

A great POS solution should integrate seamlessly with your business financials.  Rapid Garden POS works with your financial accounting system to provide seamless business management capabilities to nurseries and garden centers. Rapid Garden POS integrates with many industry recognized accounting systems.  Your data is directly transferred, automating entries and reducing human error. You can use the program that you and your accounting team are already familiar with. Another option, if you’ve…

manage nursery growing inventory - plants laid out in a field

If your garden center or nursery grows some or all of its inventory, you need a central, organized system to manage production and growing activity. Rapid Garden POS is a best-in-class point-of-sale system with seamless Nursery Inventory Management that is: easy for employees to use; flexible and adaptable for customizations that are unique to your business; and simple to maintain—seamlessly connecting your greenhouse, garden center and nursery. Daily/Weekly Planning Schedule Easy item…

Garden center owner talking with loyal customer

The Rapid Garden POS system provides tools to build garden center and nursery customer loyalty. Create any number of Garden Center and Nursery customer programs based on your needs. The Rapid Garden POS system allows you to have one loyalty program for all your garden center customers. This POS system can also create separate programs targeting specific groups. For example, business customers vs. private clients. Our Garden Center Point of Sale…

Rapid Garden POS Fast Checkout Register

Your Garden Center or Nursery has a condensed short selling season so your garden pos checkout needs to be lightening fast. The last thing you need is long lines at checkout. Closing customer transactions efficiently is of paramount importance. Rapid Garden POS offers a point of sale system that includes flexible bar code scanning, customizable item entry screens, customer look-up, and lightning fast credit card authorization with NCR Secure Pay. …

garden center owner and daughter looking at tablet for inventory

If you are trying to grow your garden center’s business, improve customer reach, control you inventory and streamline your processes, the best first step is choosing a robust POS for your garden center.  For many business owners, this can be a daunting task.  You can easily get lost in a sea of technical jargon, software features, hardware specifications and network requirements.  Add to that price points that seem to fit…

Garden Center POS System for Nurseries, Landscape, and Greenhouses. Rapid Garden POS.

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  • Roger's Gardens - Rapid Garden POS Customer

    Roger’s Gardens (Corona del Mar, CA)

    “We have successfully been working with Rapid Garden POS for more than a decade. The team’s service to us, and to their other garden center customers across the country, showcases how much they really understand garden centers and the peculiarities and attributes of our industry. Rapid Garden POS offers features and functionality that are specifically tailored to our needs from managing inventory and customer management and more. The Rapid team continues to develop solutions to support us. “

  • Chalet Nursery - Rapid Garden POS Customer

    Chalet Nursery (Wilmette, IL)

    “Throughout our more than 4-year relationship, the Rapid team has always been very responsive to our needs. We frequently are customizing the Rapid Garden POS solution and the Rapid folks have been very willing to assist us. Their commitment to customer service is outstanding and we know if we call them with a problem or issue that we will get quick follow-up and resolution.”

  • Swansons Nursery (Seattle, WA)

    “We are very impressed with Rapid Garden POS! There aren’t a lot (if any) out-of-the-box solutions for the unique challenges of the green industry—and that’s okay because the team at Rapid is the right mix of tech-savvy, business-savvy, and collaborative can-do spirits needed to help craft the customized solutions we need.”

  • Allisonville Nursery, Garden & Home - Rapid Garden POS

    Allisonville Nursery (Fishers, IN)

    “Rapid Garden POS is incredibly fast to respond to us when we need help. Not once have I heard them say “no, we can’t do that.” We always hear “let’s find a way to make that happen!” and then they make it happen! The team is wonderful to work with, and we feel supported by people who understand our business and are actively working with us to help us get the most out of our system.”

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