Nursery Inventory and Wholesale Software

If your garden center or nursery grows some or all of its inventory, you need a central, organized system to manage production and growing activity. Rapid Garden POS is a best-in-class point-of-sale system with seamless Nursery Inventory Management that is: easy for employees to use; flexible and adaptable for customizations that are unique to your business; and simple to maintain—seamlessly connecting your greenhouse, garden center and nursery.

  • Daily/Weekly Planning Schedule
  • Easy item setup for your extensive variety list
  • Lots of flexibility in naming conventions
  • Requisition Report
  • Tracking Inventory by locations
  • Growing period by seasons, propagation
  • Production labeling with multiple formats and item information
  • Availability reporting
  • Process and track dead count/dumps
  • Manage labor and costs of production

In conclusion, if your garden center or nursery engages in growing its inventory, efficient Nursery Inventory Management is crucial. Rapid Garden POS offers a best-in-class point-of-sale system  providing a centralized and organized solution. With user-friendly interfaces, customizable options, and simplified maintenance, our system effortlessly connects your greenhouse, garden center, and nursery. From item setup to inventory tracking and availability reporting, Rapid Garden POS streamlines the entire production process, including labeling, tracking dead count, managing labor, and cost analysis. Experience the power of comprehensive Nursery Inventory Management with Rapid Garden POS and optimize your operations like never before.


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